Anonymous: Ive always been in love with the idea of being in love. I always wanted to grow up and find someone who just made me happy, and comfortable. I wrote stories about love and I planned scripts in my mind almost everyday in every situation of how I could bump into someone at walmart, the mall, or downtown and we would see each other and fall madly in love. Stupid stuff like that. That's one of the reasons why I thank god for you. You exist, this stupid little girl dream of having this amazing story


Anonymous: actually happened, everything about us was to perfect for it to just have happened to chance. You are my real life story. My fantasy crush. You are beautiful, special, smart, and funny. You make everything in my life seem as if its lighting up just by being there. You make me a better person and you make the world a better place for me to live in. I love you Jamie

Sometimes I think that romance is dead, but the things you say to me sometimes gives me hope and helps me realize that love isn’t dead. It’s just hard to see. This is beautiful. You’re beautiful. Sometimes just hearing stuff like this makes me fall all over again. I have a weak spot. Hearing that I’m actually on someone’s mind like this… It just completely overwhelms me. Makes me feel complete. Thank you. I love you too.